Thoroughly Cleaning

We Love What We Do Best, Cleaning Houses

Our Philosophy Is: To clean less houses but clean them thoroughly. We don't clean more than two/three houses a day. My house cleaner friends tell us we are slow. We tell them they don't clean as thoroughly as we do.

Do you need a house cleaner that will spend time in your place thoroughly cleaning it?

Some cleaners (not all, of course) will go to your place and spend 1 hour at most, take $60>$80, and then go to the next house. We are not like that. We'll let you
know how much the cleaning will cost at the free estimate appointment. You won't
have to worry about keeping us too long or too quick.

If you are looking for someone with this profile, that will clean an entire house, top to bottom, for the lowest price you could ever get, please get in touch with us.




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